Cauliflower Tortillas

Cauliflower tortillas are great snacks that are paleo-friendly, dairy-free and gluten-free. This recipe covers the whole process involved in making this wonderful and delicious tortillas that are extremely easy to make with just three ingredients. Furthermore, cauliflower has an amazing nutrient value including vitamin C, vitamin K, beta-carotene and much more. It has this amazing cancer fighting abilities and can boost the brain and heart.

Serves: 2 tortillas


  • 1 cauliflower
  • 1-2 eggs
  • Salt
  • White pepper


Step 1: Preheat your oven to 425°F. Chop up your cauliflower into medium sizes and place them into a blender till it’s smooth.


Step 2: Now place it in a microwave for 8 minutes or there about(if you dislike microwaves, you could over steam or boil it). Just let it simmer well before you remove it.


Step 3: Spread a neat towel on the kitchen table and use a spoon to pour cauliflower on it bit by bit. Tie up the towel and squeeze out the water from the mashed cauliflower.


Step 4: Once you are done squeezing, place the content in a little bowl. Whisk the eggs properly in another bowl and then mix both the whisked eggs and cauliflower together. Add a little salt and white pepper to the mixture.


Step 5: Mold the cauliflower into round and flat shape using your hands on a cooking sheet. Spread it well till it’s flat and even. Now place in an oven for 10 minutes to bake.


Step 6: Remove the tortillas after 10 minutes from the oven, use a spatula to remove them from the baking sheet.

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And there you have it, these tortillas could be used as a taco substitute and eaten with a delicious topping.


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