The Best Low Carb Dinner: Paleo Pasta

Do you wish to cut on the carbohydrate intake? This recipe would guide you on how to create a mesmerizing paleo pasta delicacy.

YEILDS: A full bowl of pasta

Check out the recipe below, from Paleo Dinner Ideas to learn how to make great low carb paleo dinners.


  • 2 Zucchinis
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Butter
  • Parsley (optional)

STEP 1: cut out the two sides of the 2 zucchinis and run a potato peeler through its skin to remove the outer green layer.

Paleo Pasta (2) Paleo Pasta (3)

STEP 2: now run the potato peeler again, this time deeper than before. The aim is to get to the white layer of each zucchini. This is done to ensure its whiteness as a pasta food. Remove as many layers as you can off each zucchini, drop them in a separate bowl as pastas.

Paleo Pasta (4) Paleo Pasta (5)

STEP 3: add some butter to the skillet on heat. Chop up the garlic into tiny bits.

Paleo Pasta (6) Paleo Pasta (7)

STEP 4: chop up the parsley into fine and tiny bits and fry-just like you did with the garlic.

Paleo Pasta (8) Paleo Pasta (9)

STEP 5: now spread the flat zucchini pasta on the skillet and stir properly to create an even mixture.

Paleo Pasta (10)

STEP 6: cut the lemon into half, squeeze one half into the pasta in the skillet.

Paleo Pasta (11)

STEP 7: add the parsley and stir.

Paleo Pasta (12)

N.B: all these procedures from the garlic on the heated skillet to the adding of the parsley must not exceed 2 minutes. The natural feel and taste of the pasta needs to remain instead of burning off with heat.

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Serve hot and enjoy!


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